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Technology: Biolink WebSpace® will try to restore the balance between Human and Digital beings

Biolink - Ente nazionale per la trasformazione digitale

Very often in order to move forward we have to go back and start again in the same spirit we used in the past. This time we are facing a global challenge and no one has shown ability to contain a virus and manage the accelerated digitalization generated by it.

This historical phase was named “New normality” but we are faced with a new form of Democracy in which it is difficult to respect the democratic principles themselves in many cases. The centrality of the person became a “buzz topic” for marketing but the individual still has a very low specific weight.

It’s time to start again with Mindfulness, Critical Think, Active Participation and a Wealth of Experience from over 30 years of Internet but with new technologies used correctly.

Internet will no longer change its name even if became something different from WWW, sure not an evolution. Difficult-to-manage phenomena born for our organizational and social systems, we can see how Social Media has affected our lives.

There is talk of how difficult it is to use technology while respecting people’s privacy. Blockchain, 5G, Smart Cities are everywere on the paper but we have not yet had the opportunity to try them. Space seems to be closer than the now famous Exponential Technologies.

We discuss the future of our children but we do not strive to understand their changing world.

We speak about Inclusion every day but 20% of the population is interested as about economy without considering the element that is at the basis of the same, Job.

We are thinking about anonymous, gender less, ageless resumes but the best we are doing is training algorithms clumsyly to do a job that they will never be able to do for all people.

Let’s try to give people control over their lives, even their digital lives. Let’s give people a tool that does not depend on APPS or specific skills, we have to start from the complex simplicity of the WWW by making the machines do the work with the new technologies giving control of everything related to the person to the person himself.

Are we still talking? NO, stay tuned.

Biolink Web Space® is ready to take off.

Biolink® WebSpace will be presented by the ENTD – National Digital Transformation Board on Wednesday 3February at 16:00 live streaming

Biolink® is a research program of
Ente Nazionale per la Trasformazione Digitale 
Pasquale Aiello

National Research Registry – CAR: 62889XAF

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