Pasquale Aiello on Conte, Renzi and Secret Services affair

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The President of the National Body for Digital Transformation, Pasquale Aiello, wand Renzi and Conte in a seraphic, cold and diplomatic way

I would like an Italy in which the leaders instead of claiming control of the secret services seriously began to elaborate a plan for the reform of the justice and international cooperation system, taking into account the emerging trends of crime and white and traditional terrorism.

Misinformation and subtle manipulation will play an increasingly "important" role.

Also because when we start working in this direction it will be a "Lake of Blood" between people who will all have at least one reason: journalists, magistrates, guarantors, human rights defenders ... the controversies on the GDPR will be talk from sports bars in comparison .

Let's hurry up because the disinformation phenomenon will explode, it is already among us and Italy is good ground.

Each free press release from a minister on Social Networks involuntarily generates (hopefully) an episode of  Clickbaiting , an excellent opportunity for those in search of sound boxes and data for the analysis of the evolution of the context and of the people who are there indoor.

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