Digital: Pasquale Aiello Presidente ENTD alla guida del Nucleo Anti Disinformazione GTF

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Il 5 dicembre 2018, stesso giorno e mese di nascita del Presidente dell'ENTD, il Collegio della Commissione europea ha adottato un piano d'azione contro la disinformazione, presentato congiuntamente dalla Commissione e dall'alto rappresentante. Il piano delineava azioni concrete per rafforzare le capacità dell'UE di individuare, analizzare ed esporre la disinformazione e rafforzare le risposte coordinate e congiunte tra l'Unione e gli Stati membri.

On 15 December 2020, the European Parliament started the discussion on the new regulation of digital services and markets. The non-governmental program, GTF ( Get The Facts ), aimed at preventing and fighting disinformation , fits into this context .

Pasquale Aiello,  President of the ENTD National Body Non Profit and NG Organization, will  lead the GTF Task Force specialized in anti-misinformation.  

The challenge accepted by the brilliant eLeader and DataScientist , who does not disdain Psychology , Sociology , Philosophy, Physics and Online Gaming , is to assist in the restoration of ethical, value, productive and communicative balances in the  Complex Governance Systems of today 's society.               

The simplification of public and private sector processes with the support of Artificial Intelligence  and the continuous and predictive analysis of socio-cultural and economic developments is another goal to be pursued for the Team.      

Intercepting  and fighting the nascent poles of Disinformation are actions at the basis of the remediation of the systems, now obsolete and close to implosion.    

The President will have excellent traveling companions, such as the lawyer Maria Concetta Antonica , former legal director of the INPS presidency office both during the tenure of Tito Boeri and Antonio Mastrapasqua .  

Corrado Patierno ,  will be CTO and PMO until the anti-disinformation Task Force is fully operational    

The full team will be presented in 2021.

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