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Biocytogen announces acquisition of a third Beacon Optofluidic system to support expanding Antibody Discovery Platform

 BOSTON, Feb. 25, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Biocytogen, a company dedicated to accelerating therapeutic antibody discovery, has announced the acquisition of a third Beacon Optofluidic system. The new instrument, developed by Berkeley Lights, will support the expansion of Biocytogen’s antibody discovery service platform in the greater Boston area for collaborations across the globe.  Founded on its successful gene editing platform, Biocytogen recently developed humanized immunoglobulin mice that carry the full variable region repertoire (RenMab ™ ), as well as a related common light chain strain, RenLite™. Generation of fully human antibodies in these models minimizes the time required to develop high-affinity antibody therapeutics with favorable pharmacokinetic properties. Biocytogen’s integrative use of Berkeley Lights’ industry-leading light-sorting technology further accelerates the process, due to the rapid screening of thousands of single B cells for antibody hit generation. Together, these technologies allow for the generation and discovery of fully human antibodies in a matter of weeks. About BiocytogenBiocytogen is an international biotechnology company that provides a comprehensive portfolio of products and preclinical services to accelerate new drug discovery and development. Biocytogen’s expertise in gene editing has led to the generation of an extensive catalog of humanized mouse models that have been used to validate antibody drugs undergoing clinical development at its subsidiary, Eucure Biopharma. Biocytogen collaborates with global partners to discover therapeutic antibodies using its flagship RenMab™ model. For more information, please visit and click the service brochure. Media Contact:Jenna Frame  Logo –

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